Welcome Message from the Chair

Dear Participants of The African Think Tank Conference 2018.  The African Think Tank Inc. is a culturally diverse leadership body for enhancing African Australian relationships through capacity building and support and policy advice.

African Australian population is one of the fastest growing communities in Australia. Current estimation suggests over half a million African born Australians are living in Australia. Over 100,000 living in Melbourne alone who participate and contribute to the socio economic and political wellbeing of our Nation.

The purpose of this two-day conference is to learn more about African Australians for
enabling better social cohesion; an improved situation of integration and access and equity strategies rather than just their assimilation in the Australia’s environment. It will look at articulation on the “African Australians’ position in the ways of protecting and strengthening Australias multiculturalism and social inclusion”.

The Conference will also set the agenda for the African Australians settlement and
integration beyond 2030.

The theme of the conference will include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Economic opportunities: business, employment and training
2. Settlement and integration: resettlement, case management, inclusion &
3. Education: schooling, interrupted education, qualifications and languages
4. Health & wellbeing: family, youth disengagement, policing, family violence, law
and order
5. Leadership: community capacity building, cohesion and the importance of

The dedicated conference teams are currently working hard on making this conference not
only stimulating but also an unforgettable pleasant experience for all participants.
We look forward to welcome you to ATTC 2018 and wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay in

Conference Chair
Haileluel Gebre-selassie

For further information, please check other pages on this site  or contact
Conference Managers: Helen McLean
or Marg Scarlett

Haileluel Gebre-selassie – Chair
Dr Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe – Deputy Chair
Muza Ntuwah – Secretary
Dr Negassa Bedassa – Treasurer
Wadzanai Nenzou – Board Member
Dr Berhan Ahmed (Shiday) – Board Member, Ex Chair
Robert Olney (B.Ec, DFP, Grad Dip Banking and Finance) – Board Member
Kenyatta J Dei Wal – Board Member
Marta Borena – Board Member
Dr Steve Rametse – Board Member