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Dr. Steve Rametse

Deputy Chairperson

Dr. (Steve) Mochekoe Stephen Rametse, BA, BA (Hons); Dip. Ed, PhD
An experienced secondary school teacher and reader of the South African political economy and researcher on the settlement issues of the African diaspora in Australia. A former member of the Victorian Government appointed

the African Ministerial Advisory Group which helped formulate the ‘Victorian African Australian Communities Action Plan’ (VAACAP), which was adopted by the Victorian government in 2018. He is passionate about exploring the shared universal values articulated by the African communitarian philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ (Humanness). The shared values at personal, professional, and political levels can engender mutual respect, collaboration, and secure sustainable social justice for all generations in diverse cultural communities. As part of the leadership collective, he helped organize eight annual Nelson Mandela Lectures since 2016. Co-author with Dr. ApolloNsubuga-Kyobe of the ATT’s ‘Conference Outcome Report of the African Australians Settlement & Integration Beyond 2030: Opportunities and Challenges’, Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th November 2018. In 2020, as the President of Nelson Mandela Day Australia Inc., he collaborated with committee members to organize the virtual AntiRacism Symposium in Victoria. He participated in the virtual Truth Telling panel of three sponsored by the City of Melbourne in 2020. He is the former President of Africa Day Australia (ADA) and a Board member of the African Think Tank Inc.